About Us

OG is the name of an environmentally conscious brand yielding artisan-made and ethically sourced products. Following our vision to make a difference organically, we look forward to paying back what the environment has offered us so far. With every purchase of yours, OG plants a tree. We think of it as our way of gifting nature something, that has given meaning to our brand.

Our Story

It all started when three men had the vision to make a difference in society by bringing back the lost name of the mythical magical plant ‘HEMP’. Back then, the idea of OG didn’t even strike their minds. It was their Nepal visit that transformed the array of their mindset when it came to ‘HEMP’. They finally realized that the world is using the plant but not their own country, despite being the first originators.

So, the three enthusiastic entrepreneurs decided to bring back the respect of the plant to the people by sharing its true versatility. They unfolded arenas in fashion and decided to bring the plant into the domain to show the world what can be done with it. With more than 5000+ benefits of HEMP, the originators of OG chose to procure the fabric from Nepal and convert it into fashion. Hemp has given meaning to our brand, and now it is your turn to appreciate the efforts!

Directly coming from the Himalayas - Designed in INDIA - Made in Nepal

Allow the threads of God to be a part of your life.

It’s time for people to explore the unknown and give plants validation in society to promote sustainable living. It’s time to get back to the roots and bring out the best from it.

That’s why say -